Attribution of OpenAI ChatGPT in open-source code published by Adafruit


i sent some emails to open-source orgs about this before the end of 2023, so here’s a post to see what folks think here too.

openai’s chatgpt appears to have been trained on a lot of adafruit’s 10+ years of open-source code, helpful for us (maybe?). we’ve recently experimented with using chatgpt for arduino (c/c++) library and driver authoring in conjunction with limor “ladyada” the primary author.

we decided if we use any ai or generative tools, including chatgpt we’ll disclose that in a comment and provide the link to the service or tool used and, when used for published code, and when possible, we’ll share the exact chat logs used (openai chatgpt).

we have a start of what might be a way for open-source developers to indicate the use of ai tools such as chatgpt, as far as we can determine, we’re the first to include the LLM/tool build and complete chat/prompt logs in the license file / readme.


github com/adafruit/Adafruit_HUSB238

Written by Limor Fried (Adafruit Industries) with OpenAI ChatGPT v4 Aug 3rd, 2023 build

this could be a good topic at the summit or with other open-source hardware / software publishers, sparkfun has a video with some mention of using ai, it would be interesting to know how/if they’re approaching this as well, 2min 57 secs in -