Badge for the OHS18


Photo of Rev 2:



Update on the OHS18 badge project log:
Rev 3 ordered, and photos of Rev 2

Preview of Rev 3:


Resources for the 2018 Open Hardware Summit badge:

GitHub repo for hardware design

Hackaday project chat room:

Hackaday project page:

Rev 3 shared project on OSH Park


All 300 Open Hardware Summit badges assembled by Screaming Circuits have arrived!

Thanks to Duane Benson and the whole team for their outstanding support of the Open Hardware Summit 2018 badge project!

Check out the Hackaday project for more info


The OHS18 badge is OSHW ceritifed US00133! :slight_smile:


I have been writing blog posts that explore that capabilities of the badge.

Here is the list so far:
Open Hardware Summit badge: adapter board for USB-to-serial cable

Open Hardware Summit badge: Magic 8-Ball app

The Exquisite Badges Of Open Hardware Summit

Open Hardware Summit 2018 badge

Live from Artisan’s Asylum!

Open Hardware Summit: learn-to-solder badge add-on

Please email me if any questions drew AT oshpark DOT com