Community Conversation: RSS Feed Integration for Cross-Forum Information Sharing


A few of us from GOSH, IoPA, and OSHWA are exploring ways to bring our communities together in conversation and collaboration, moving toward the shared ecosystem that we all envision for the global open hardware community. One part of this (among many other ideas) is to find a way for our currently separate community forums to cross-link with one another, providing the capability for community members to have a new channel on each forum that shares a combined listing of events, opportunities, and/or announcements. Technologically speaking, there is a fairly straight-forward way to do this using the Discourse RSS plugin to create a shared cross-community stream that each forum could display on their sites. However, as we are seeking to do this work to better support our communities - we are keen to hear your thoughts on how we can shape this sharing of information to better support your needs.

We invite you to join the conversation on an open pad, where we unpack more about our intent and goals for creating a shared feed between our Discourse forums. In that pad, there are a few questions we have for you all that will help us to frame a direction. We’ll be getting back together in Janurary to review, discuss, and communicate out what our communities have shared with us, and a pathway forward. Until that time, please feel empowered to respond to this post thread, and/or reach out to any once of us individually.

@bri @sarah @julian @OSHWA