Creality3D/Ender-3 certificate



I originally planned to ask that the certificate for the Ender-3 from Creality3D is revoked based on a few arguments for that.

But I give up now, looks like I am alone with this “fight” and all I got from the community was toxicity.
Neither do I personally need for Creality3D to fullfill the obligation they made with the certificate nor do I need to be attacked for asking them to.

I will not discuss this in any more detail.

But I would like OSHWA to review objectivly what has been released by Creality3D to meet the demands for the Ender-3 OSH certificate and decide if that is sufficent or not.
And if you find that it is not sufficent, please give them a chance to come up with additional data by making them aware that you believe what is missing and why.