Free or low cost legally recognized prior art publishing?


What options are available for free or low cost legally recognized prior art publishing? For prior art to be properly recognized it needs to be publicly searchable and discoverable, and have some sort of permanence of discoverability.

As such although Github might be acceptable for sharing project files, it does not seem to meet the test for being “published” since the content can be removed or made non-public by the project owner at any time.

Also for the same reasons, building your own website to “publish” prior art also seems equally unacceptably ephemeral because it only stays accessible as long as you continue to keep paying to have your server online.

I have wondered if perhaps might work as a home for an officially legally recognized prior art archive, due to the fact that they are trying to achieve permanence of the content they host.


One potential location for open hardware prior art publishing is the MIT Prior Art Archive.

However I am somewhat miffed that they don’t have direct public exposure of the entire site content without entering search terms.

It is not possible to anonymously browse the entire library through the home page. They are catering to searches done by US Patent Office staff, not the general public. To me this goes against the entire idea of prior art disclosure being a public act.

I have found a way to “hack” their search engine to make it reveal probably 99% of what it contains, but what about the remaining 1%?