GOSH February Community Call: Featuring a presentation from IO Rodeo


Hello everybody!

I am excited to announce our first GOSH Community Call for 2023, taking place on February 13 at 3:00 pm UTC. The call will feature a presentation from Jo Long & Will Dickson on IO Rodeo. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about their experiences running a business developing open science hardware!

Register for the call here!

What are GOSH Community Calls?
GOSH community calls are virtual meetings aimed to learn about the activities and projects of GOSHers around the world, discuss interesting Open Science Hardware topics and make things easier for those interested in joining GOSH. The calls consist of a 20-minute presentation of projects or topics followed by discussion, and some time for introductions/community announcements.

More about the presenters:
Jo and Will are the co-founders of IO Rodeo. They design and make open source hardware for science which we make available via our online store. Their goal is to increase accessibility to scientific data collection tools by creating low-cost, community-supported, open hardware instrumentation. They both have science backgrounds. Jo has a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology and worked for approx. 10 years as a postdoc research scientist. Mostly in the field of plant responses to the environment. Will has a mathematics PhD and also currently works as a staff member in the biology and biological engineering department at Caltech where he designs and makes custom hardware and software mostly used by grad students and postdoc researchers for their lab and field experiments.

That’s all for now! Hope to see some of you at the next call :slight_smile: