Is compliance of software licenses a requirement of OSH Certification?



Can someone tell me if being compliant with software licenses is a requirement for certification where software is sold as part of the product?

E.g can a 3D printer get OSH Certification even if it the manufacturer is not complying with the GPL license in the firmware?



Hi John.

To be honest, that isn’t a scenario that was contemplated during the creation of the certification process. I assume this is not a totally random question - is there specific context for it?


Thanks for the reply.

The context is that there are several 3D printer manufacturers that are using Marlin firmware but are violating the GPL license. I know that some manufacturers are looking at open OSH certification. I think it would be a strange situation if a printer was given OSH certification and was in violation of its software licenses. Creality is an example of a company which has a printer which has an OSH certification but some of its printers are violating the GPL license of the firmware.