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Hello everyone!

A new channel is being created on each of the 4 community forum sites:

Open Toolchain Foundation
Channel Name: Consolidated Community Announcements

Channel Description (to be configured in Discourse admin panel/plugin): Events and opportunities of interest across the Open Source Hardware (OSH) ecosystem.

Channel Content Guidelines:

Scope: related directly or indirectly to open source hardware (OSH); if indirectly related, a brief explanation of the connection, the “why should I care” will be included with the post

Included: anything that could be participated in on a global scale, either online, or of a scale/open for broader community participation regardless of location

Not included: smaller local/regional hackathons/meetups/council or governance meeting

Examples: community calls, conferences (OSHWA Summit), online events/programmes

For users concerned about too much information: Noise reduction can be accomplished via the application of filters (focus on own org tags) or, you can mute the channel.

Who Can Post: Any community member, so long as the aforementioned channel content guidelines are followed. If you have any questions, please contact the community manager for your organization.

Assessment: Community managers and leads will continue to monitor this new channel, and will meet regularly to discuss how to gauge impact and benefit to the global OSH ecosystem. If you have any feedback or questions, please reply to this thread or get in touch directly with any of us.

@julianstirling @briannaljohns @OSHWA @schutton :v:t4: