Open Design Magazine: Call for Authors & Contributors


Hi Open Source Hardware friends,

Do you want to be part of the world’s first community-created magazine on Open Design and Open Source Hardware?

The magazine informs and inspires both insiders and a broader audience with case studies, interviews and background information about initiatives and practical results of what is currently being accomplished in Open Design.

See the (stealth mode) website for more information.

At this moment we have 3 of 6 spots left for filling the first edition of the magazine.

These 3 authors have already pledged their willingness to contribute an article:

Also, Creative Commons and Open Knowledge Foundation have shown interest in the inititiave.

Are you working on a great Open Source Hardware initiative that you want to share? Or are you enthusiastic about an initiatve that you want to write about?

Then submit an article outline.

After completing the 6 article outlines, we will test demand before actually writing and creating the complete magazine (see the website).

Besides article authors, we are also looking for contributors in:

  • Reviewing
  • Co-editing
  • Community outreach and online communication/marketing
  • Finding partnerships and funding
  • Designing the magazine

Send a reply or contact me if you want to know more!

Be great!


Hi !
I am Raffaello Palandri, director of the PONF Multiback Open Camera Project.
We are designing an innovative camera that shhot film and digital, and we are using an Open Source Hardware and Software.
PONF Multiback Open Camera
I am interested in contributing to the Magazine, as Author.

Best regards,
Raffaello Palandri


Hi Rafaello, great that you are interested! Your project looks very interesting. We are waiting for some more responses (also via other channels). I will add you to our prospective author list and will contact you in a little while.



Is the call closed?


No, it is not. Currently we have 2 authors who wrote an outline. My next action is to reach out to authors/bloggers with this call. Once we have (at least) 6 prospective articles, we will build the landing page.

You can read the outlines here:


Perfect. I’ll send it as soon as possible.


Hi Diderik,

If you are still looking for reviewers ? Happy to contribute: my background and knowledge is in law and sociology and some tinkering but am not much use if it becomes to technical.

Let me know if my time is appreciated


Hi Mnot,

I’m also interested in contributing an article which will capture various African initiatives and innovative methodologies being adopted by community makers.


Hi fvdboom,

Yes, absolutely! Thanks for your offer. We currently have 2 finished outlines and we are still reaching out to the community for more. I believe that we should have at least 5 to 6 outlines to go to the next phase of traction validation. If that is succesful, we can ask the authors to write their articles and the reviewing starts. I will send you a personal message to exchange contact details.


Hi Obasegun,
That sounds great! Can you create a first draft of your outline? See the website for guidelines on writing it.


Hello Mnot,

Sure. I’ll put together a draft.


A brief progress update: at the moment we are pivoting towards a (more formal) report instead of a magazine. The aim of the report is to give an overview of contemporary, relevant and active Open Design and Open Source Hardware initiatives.

In case you are interested in finding out more, or have ideas on the design/plan of performing such a task, let me know.