Open Source Architecture and construction


In the last years, the term Open Source is used to describe a public and gratis distribution of construction and architectural plans. One of the most interesting examples of the last years is Alejandro Aravena’s social housing blue prints as “Open Source”.
I’ve used the quotes in order to emphasize the fact that he didn’t Open-Source these plans, he just distributed them for free, without a proper license.

There has been a book published under the name “Open Source Architecture” by Claudel and Ratti from MIT, where they claim that Open Source is going to diminish the architects and move the creative process to the stake holders. In my view open source might facilitates a free knowledge exchange and professionalism rather then “Download and modify free plans from the web”.

There’s much confusion an disinformation about open source in domain of architecture that prevents adaptation of the open source model in this industry.

What is the status of construction and architecture within the scope of OSHWA?


A cool project to check out how open source hardware is advancing in construction and architecture design is the movement. They are a group developing tools, machines, and structures that are licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0 and likely would meet the requirements here to be self-certified as OSHW. I am sure there are other projects that are utilizing open licensing as well, that was just the first that came to mind :slight_smile:


How does the CC BY-SA 3.0 work for Architecture?
Hardware implementations are not intellectual property, but Architecture and building are. This this would transfer the license to the physical structure IMHO while raising many questions regarding the rights granted.


Architecture is covered under “Work”