Open Source Ecology Apprenticeship



Just like to update everyone that we have created a program that allows people to work with Open Source Ecology full time. We are offering a 6 month immersion OSE Apprenticeship where you can get a real deep dive into open hardware design, build, and enterprise. We are using an open hardware revenue model based on the Seed Eco-Home - which we are releasing this year. The Seed Eco-Home is our open source house design that can be built easily by pros and amateurs alike. We are also doing a product release of our open source tractor this year, as well as other supporting machinery including large-scale 3D printers for making construction materials from waste plastic.

Our goal is to create a scalable model for funding open source and transformative work, as we are interested in reinventing the economy towards open and collaborative. Thus we are developing a collaborative enterprise development paradigm through the OSE Apprenticeship, and we are excited about this possilitiies. We have 8 people from 4 countries signed up already - and we will be taking new applications on a rolling basis as we continue to run on-site programs year-round at our home facility in the Kansas City area. So take a look and spread the word to help us find good candiates.