OSHdata 2020 Report (Open Hardware Market Research)


Hi everyone,

A few months ago Steven Abadie and I co-authored the OSHdata 2020 Report. It’s a market research project taking an in-depth look at certification data, product prices, commercialization, etc.

We built it to be a practical guide for hardware developers (especially entrepreneurs). It also includes some ideas for the Certification program in the future.

Since we published it, the program has basically doubled in size (!) There are many new and existing companies certifying new projects and products every day.

We would appreciate feedback, hearing what’s helpful, and what you’d want to see in the future. You can read the whole thing here:


Any thoughts on how DIN SPEC 3105 will be accommodated in the Certification in the future? This is a good overview of the spec - http://blog.oshpark.com/2020/01/11/open-source-hardware-in-industry-meet-din-spec-3105/


I’m not familiar yet with the new DIN SPEC 3105, I will read through it. I’d be curious if @michael or @drewfustini have any thoughts on this?

As an aside: I can say that the most traction/interest we’ve seen at OSHdata has actually been from Europe. A number of folks interested there, beyond companies themselves, policy groups like OpenForum Europe have done a lot of work.


I think the spec is an important tool for helping manufacturers implement open source hardware. My current understanding is that anyone who complies with the spec should be well on their way to qualifying for certification. Like the spec, the certification is based on the open source hardware definition, so they both refer back to the same core concept.


Good information thanks for sharing