OSHWA and open-source 3D printing - request for comment


Hi hi OSHWA folks -

This is a request for comment from someone at OSHWA regarding the open-source hardware article I published on July 12, 2023 - over a month ago:
“When Open Becomes Opaque: The Changing Face of Open-Source Hardware Companies”

sent an email to the folks I know and the general info@ email address as well - Prusa seems to want OSHWA to look in to some of the challenges with 3D printing and open-source hardware.

Following up, Josef Prusa stated:

“By the way, Chinese manufacturers are chipping away on this rock normalizing the misuse of the open-source community for years, and I am a bit sad to see nothing from OSHWA on this topic. Maybe it good time to do independent research on the state of 3D printing current state by OSHWA now – it is undertaking soo huge, the community or one single company can’t do it on its own.”

It’s been a month since the article was published and it made the rounds in various news sites and electronic communities, I reached out to Alicia Gibb, Executive Director of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) and some of the OSHWA board members to ask if they have since reached out to Prusa regarding the claim there is “nothing from OSHWA on this topic”.

It’s been a month since the article made the rounds, and I’ve asked for official comment over email and here, will update the article on Monday August 28th.


Hi Phil,

We have already indicated to you via email that we would like to be left out of this post. I have also shared this same comment in reply to your discord post.

We are in the process of working though several items relating to this issue. This is a sensitive and complex topic, and we fully intend to weigh in on our own timeline. We are seeking community consultation, including collaborating with Chinese makers, and it will take time for us to educate ourselves and help educate our community.


lol. Open Source Hardware Association don’t talk about Open Source hardware?


This issue certainly is not limited to actors of chinese nationality, isn’t it ? I am familiar with several projects based in other countries who practice the same form of appropriation. I am sure there exists projects based in china who have self certified exercising due diligence. I suggest keeping the whole picture in mind.