Releasing OSHW alongside non-OSHW version


I’m working on finishing up a PCB design, it’s original intention was to be part of a machine I designed and that machine has only a commercial application. However, the PCB in particular is quite useful for many different types of machines. Ive been thinking about releasing the design files as OSHW but I am a little concerned with the effect that would have on the version that is included in the machine. There wouldn’t be many differences to the original design other than silscreened logos, the main concern is that the board included with the commercial machine would not include design files, would have copyrighted logos, and possibly undergo design revisions that the OSHW does not receive.

I’m not really concerned a whole lot about the OSHW design what people do with it, I’m more worried about limitations I’d have to be concerned about when using the board for it’s original intent.


As I understand it the OSHW license is based on copyright, so if you make a derivative and different PCB design, it will not affect your pcb’s status as OSHW certified. In the other direction,
OSHW has no teeth that I remember for stopping your use of your design. You are the originator, not a licensee, so you have origin rights to license it two ways or 3 or 4 ways…etc.


So would it be reasonable to say upload the design files to public git and include a licence text under say “Creative Commons - Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0” with lines preceding stating that "the originator and licencor of this hardware design retains the right to create, commission the creation and deploy derivative works based on this design with proprietary and undistributed changes and modifications as desired

All derivative works not comissioned and not approved by must adhere to the above mentioned licence and retain the OSHW logo."

Something along those lines is what I would like to do.