Standardization of OSHW System-On-Module projects?


I am working on an OSHW rugged tablet where i want to make the Printed Circuit Board (“PCB”) design modular to enable upgrades and customization over the time.

For that i’ve been working on a standardization of System-On-Modules (“SOMs”) connection where the idea is to have 1~4 layer “platform PCB” that has various connectors, devices, etc… to which i want to slot a “module board” with chip, ram and anything that is specific to the chip, because that way the platform board can be fabricated very economically (usually ~25 EUR) which combined with OSHW PCB and functional CAD for the chasis (e.g. OpenSCAD/LibFive) will make it very hackable and adjustable while keeping the module board at restricted size and with ability to fabricate for high quantities (thus making the cost of fabricating high amount of PCB layer boards very economical) due to it’s flexibility to be used with the platform board for any project ranging from a phone, drone, cluster server, etc…

This is the summary of the idea, i written down details in

Brainstorm, merge requests and anything relevant to the subject is welcomed!