TwoFati microphone


Hi Folks,

I came up with a great microphone design, built it and 

have been using it for more than a year.
The mic sounds great, obeys all laws of physics, and is turning out to be quite useful.

My plans are to build and sell these mics.

I've looked at the patent process here in the USA and from what I can tell 

it is expensive to both get and then defend a patent.
As a person of modest means who believes in the Open Source concept,
innovation and sharing, I’m looking at Open Source Hardware Certification.

Document Copyright, Trademark and Licensing issues are also under consideration.

In an ideal world: 

) Lots of people would buy mics from me,
) I would be credited with the initial idea,
) My project name would go with all mics made by me and other builders, and
) I would be paid a modest sum for each mic made from this design by other builders.

Am I being realistic?

Product invention, development and sales are new worlds for me;
Any guidance you can provide will be appreciated!

This is my first post here  ~  thanks to those making 

Open Source Hardware Certification a Reality.

Thanks and good health, Weogo Reed