Wearable for health monitoring


Hi all,
I wonder which open source platforms and devices are there available for health monitoring. As far as I know, the e-health platform contains interesting information
Also, this review on wearable platforms is worth reading:

The only open-source wearable I know is Pulse Sensor (https://pulsesensor.com/).
Which other wearables do you know, please?
Thanks, regards from Brazil.


Hi Fernando,

There is also a long-standing Quora question on this:

It seems like e-health platform/MySignals is not open source hardware (nor software).

In 2014 I founded an organization to create a small and affordable 100% open source wearable health tracker and launched two prototypes, including 2-lead ECG variant. Unfortunately we were not able to make it successful, like so many similar open source health tracker initiatives in that time.


Hi Diderik,
Thank you very much for your reply.

  • Do you have the link with the information of your project?
  • Could you please tell me why it was not successful?
    It would be interesting to know more about it. Furthermore, a new model based on that project could be made.
    I know some people interested in measuring heart rate signals, and one interesting application is HRV for stress detection. To this aim, I am detecting PPG signals through the open-source Pulse Sensor hardware

Another possibility is to measure the ECG signals instead of PPG. This is where your project comes into play.

Thank you, regards from Brazil.


Hi Fernando,

  • Search for “Totem Open Health” using your favorite search engine. It looks like the initiative became dormant, however. I am not sure if you will be able to find all designs, code and documentation properly published and open sourced. I made sure that it was for the first prototype when I was still on board, but that was the version without the ECG component.

  • While I was still part of the team: (1) Not following a ‘Lean Innovation’ process (Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design approach etc.) for problem-solution validation and product-market-fit, (2) too much focus on product development, (3) no coherent founders team. But when I left the initiative was still ‘successful enough’ to continue, attracted new people and from what I saw in the media made some good progress, I do not know what happened then.


Hi Diderik,
Thanks for your reply. After I started searching for Totem Open Health, I found the contact of Robin Pavlov, who wrote some publications. Although there is an official website
It is not working. My only hope is to get some information from Robin. Do you happen to know who else is still working with this device?
Thank you very much!


Joel Murphy created the Pulse Sensor. Here is his OpenHAK project, Health Activity Kit,

Both Joel and Lief Percifield have worked on it. I see Lief posted some commits a few days ago. The page above references Simblee, which is End of Life. However they might have gone with something else by now, such as ESP.


William Croft


I do not know if anyone is still working on this device. However, I recently found this information page on the website of the company of my (then) co-founders:

For some reason they decided to use the name “Totem Smart Health” instead of “Totem Open Health”. The page reads: “We’re now making Totem open source, so it’s available for everyone to use and iterate upon.” So if they are true to their word, that would mean that you should be able to find the open source materials, or ask them for it.