Website Repository


Is there a (git) repo of the OSHWA website somewhere?
It seems the content is CC-BY-SA licensed.

Specifically, I wanted to pep-up the FAQ a bit:

Working on the DIN SPEC 3015, I wanted to link to a specific question, and saw that this is not possible. as it has no HTML anker.
It would also be nice to have an index of all the questions.

I would probably be able to do the changes myself (and make a pull request), in case you are too busy, if the website sources were available.


We don’t have it in a git repo (just exists in the Wordpress database), but I added an index at the top and added anchors to all the questions. Hopefully that lets you do what you need to - let me know if you need anything else!


wow, thank you very much Eric, that is perfect! :slight_smile:
yes… am totally satisfied with that! :slight_smile: