WikiObject: OSHW Projects information in Wikidata



Incluiding OSHW data in Wikidata (the Wikipedia database engine) we could have, for example:

<li>- Components datasheets: <a href=""></a></li>

<li>- Project components: <a href=";q=27000417">;q=27000417</a></li>

<li>- Manufacturer Catalogs: <a href=";q=25815029">;q=25815029</a></li>

<li>- Relations graph view between them: <a href=";item=Q27000417">;item=Q27000417</a></li>

<li>- Autogenerated Lists: <a href=";q=25859519">;q=25859519</a></li>

<li>- Integrated information: wikidata items has a property call "source repository" that you can use to link code like here <a href=""></a> A 3D file property is comming to wikidata items <a href=""></a></li>

There is more information here:

this could empower OSHW community,what do you think?